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Capturing Idi Amin

In 2005 a British film crew arrived in Uganda to make the feature film, 'The Last King of Scotland', a thriller starring Hollywood actor Forest Whitaker as the infamous ex-President Idi Amin. This BBC documentary looks behind the story of the film, separating historical fact from fiction, whilst also exploring how Ugandans feel about this recreation of their recent history and how Idi Amin is viewed today. Interviewees include journalist Jon Snow, actors Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy, novelist Giles Foden as well as former members of Idi Amin's government.
Capturing Idi Amin
Capturing Idi Amin
Broadcast on BBC Scotland, 2006.
Director/Producer: Fran Robertson
Co-Director/Camera: Ben Nicholas
Editor: Ian Davies

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