Short Form Journalism
Two Step Films has made films for charities and has also been commissioned by Channel 4 Independent Film Fund to make a number of short features for Channel 4 News. Subjects include a women’s refuge, the aftermath of the Grenfell fire and male domestic abuse.

Grenfell Fire: Sara’s Story

A short film commissioned by C4 News’ Independent Film Fund following 11 year old Sara, who has been evacuated from her home on Grenfell Walk, in the aftermath of the fire. Shot two days after the tragedy, the film shows not only a young girl, but a wider community, in a state of shock, confusion and rage.

Grenfell Housing Crisis

Made for Channel 4 in December 2017, showing the plight of Grenfell survivors Samira Hemmid and Mohammed Rasoul, who remain in temporary housing 5 months after the tragedy. Hemmid and Rasoul’s stories convey the claustrophobia and isolation of life in a hotel room for families unable to return home, but unsupported in their hope for permanent housing.

Fight to Save Wornington College

Shot in 2017, this C4 News short follows members of the Grenfell community as they fight to save their local college from closure. A testament to the power of passionate and community-led campagining - proved by the authorities decision in July 2019 to save the college.

Houseboat Evictions

A film for Channel 4 highlighting the lack of legal protection for houseboat owners, leaving them vulnerable to eviction.

Life in a Women’s Refuge

With unique access to a domestic abuse refuge in Sunderland run by Wearside Women in Need, this film commissioned by Ch 4 News Independent Film Fund shows the struggle to continue their complex and important work in the face of government cuts. The film focuses on Rosie, who fled from a violent partner into the refuge, fighting to regain custody of her children and addressing the domestic abuse that lead to their separation.


A short film about the rising phenomenon of DNA testing and its impact on individual family bonds and our wider cultural landscape.
To be made public in August

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

A short film for Channel 4 News focusing on male victims of domestic abuse and their spaces of refuge. Filmed in a male refuge, one of only 8 in the UK, the narrative highlights the psychological, political and societal neglect of male victims of abuse.

Prosecuting Parents

A C4 news short about the parents of school refusers and their parents who are taken to court for truancy.

Save the Children

A campaign commercial for Save the Children shot in Turkana County, Kenya in 2016.

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