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The Angry Years

Brave and forthright documentary… meticulously well-researched - Victor Lewis-Smith, Evening Standard

1970 marked the start of a bombing campaign by British urban guerrilla revolutionaries The Angry Brigade. Their targets, a bizarre mix, included the Miss World contest, Ford's motor factory, the home of a Conservative cabinet minister and the Biba department store. Following a two-year hunt by the newly formed Special Branch, eight suspects were arrested, and following the longest trial in British criminal history, four young graduates were convicted of the bombings.
The Angry Years
The Angry Years
'The Angry Years' tells the little known story of the Angry Brigade - contributors include Jake Prescott, ex Angry Brigade member, the journalist Paul Foot and the Special Branch detective credited with tracking the Angry Brigade down.
The Angry Years
The Angry Years
Broadcast on ITV, 2002
Director/Producer: Fran Robertson
Camera: Neve Cunningham
Executive Producer: Simon Welfare
A Granite Film and Television production

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