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The Boyle Family

Artists ‘Boyle Family’ are Mark Boyle, Joan Hills and their children Georgia and Sebastian Boyle. They are best known for their remarkable sculptural pictures of random selections of the earth.
Mark and Joan met and began living and working together in the late 50s. They were involved in collaborations with Soft Machine and Jimi Hendrix and developed the psychedelic light show which became an iconic part of 60s culture. As their children Georgia and Sebastian grew up, they too became part of the artistic grouping and in 1985 they began exhibiting as Boyle Family.
Boyle Family
Boyle Family
Following the family as they work together on their latest piece, this documentary explores the story of Boyle Family. By challenging notions of the sole artist, the documentary explores the highs and the difficulties of working together as a family.
Boyle Family
Boyle Family
Broadcast on BBC Scotland & BBC Four, 2001
Made with support from the Scottish Arts Council
Directed by Fran Robertson and Georgia Boyle

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